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  • Mood: Llama
  • Listening to: Orders from the Imperial Fleet
  • Reading: Rainbow
  • Watching: The future become now!
  • Playing: Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Eating: Rancor steaks!
  • Drinking: Blue Milk Aunt Beru poured.
Years have passed since I've told my story to anyone. Call me paranoid but I don't trust many people in this Galaxy. I guess it has to do with my past childhood. I was born in the Undercity on Nar Shaddaa to a local shipyards wife. I never knew my parents the way I hoped, since they were murdered by one of the local cartels, something about owing credits. I was five years of age when they were brutally taken away from me, so I had no other option but to grow up on my own. Many brutal cycles passed where I lived among the slums and ghettos of the Undercity. Growing up there, you learn quickly on how to survive. I got good at spotting the rich noble's passing through and picking their pockets for everything they had. Stealing became a regular occurrence, especially for food, I think I went a week once without eating.

Fortunately at the age of ten I was adopted by a man named Horatio Solo. He was a top general in the Hutt Cartel, one of the most ruthless cartels on Nar Shaddaa. The rumor was, he had a reputation to always shoot first, I guess that's how one moves up in the ranks of the most prestigious cartel. As I grew older, Horatio became my surrogate father and mentor in the arts of combat. I was taught how to fight in hand-to-hand combat which he made sure I never lost a fight. But the day I picked up a blaster pistol was the day I never looked back. I became devoted to small arms combat and that blaster like a girl and her Whomp Rat. Soon after, my trusty blaster and my dead eye aim became feared all throughout the slums of Nar Shaddaa.

It was on that one fateful day when I learned the truth behind the death of my parents. I hacked into Horatio's holo-terminal, only for fun because thats what naïve teenagers do, and startlingly found out that he was the one who was ordered to put the hit out upon my parent's heads'. I was furious! Filled with a rage I confronted Horatio at blaster point and demanded to know what this all meant. The choice he said he had to make was the most difficult he has ever made. He said that he knew my father as if they were brothers; but, the orders from Gorduubo the Hutt were so explicit, that if he didn't follow through he would have been killed as well. The respect I gained over the years for Horatio was the only thing that saved his life that night. I couldn't believe what I heard. At that moment I wanted to kill anything and everything in my path, but I knew, when it came down to it, Gorduubo and his family were the ones to take my vengeance out on. After the death of Gorduubo, I had become a prime target for the Hutt Cartel. I quickly changed my name and fled Nar Shaddaa to join a Bounty Hunter Guild, and later found that the life of credits was more appealing to me.

Even to this day I never saw Horatio again, but I heard he went on and had several sons, but was later assassinated by a young Rodian part of the Tetsu clan trying to gain power amongst the cartel. I'm now traveling throughout the galaxy as a free-lance gun for hire. I've heard about a prestigious tournament only for bounty hunters known as The Great Hunt. I plan on winning the entire event and spending the credits to live the rest of my life in luxury.


Jordan Rotarius
United States
Current Residence: The Citadel
Favourite genre of music: Movie Soundtracks, Rock, Metal, anthything that sounds good...
Favourite style of art: Anything That Looks Awesome!
Operating System: Windows Vista (Not by chose)
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Wallpaper of choice: Lindsay Marie
Favourite cartoon character: Ashoka Tano
Personal Quote: "The chain of command is a chain I go and beat you with"

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